Final Project Guidelines

In the last month of the course, you will have two options, to follow a module in Python or to design your own analysis in the final project. In case you decide for the latter, we strongly encourage you to reach out to interesting companies to collaborate in your project. This normally serves as a good entry point for a possible future hiring.

When choosing the company, take into consideration if there is data readily available and if there are data analysts (even better in the case of R or Python analysts) in the company. If necessary, Ubiqum can sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality (we have a template available, reach out to us if you need one). Also, make sure to clarify that it concerns a collaboration project and not an internship (as Ubiqum is not a university we can’t provided internship agreements.)

Make sure to comment that the project will be a 1 month full-time dedication and will be counted with support of the mentors. Also, it can be done from our campuses or in the company office. Below are the main areas that you have worked on, and should be able to support a company with in a final project:

  • Understand customer-buying patterns through descriptive analysis, apply ML algorithms to predict profitability
  • Market Basket Analysis (cross selling recommendations)
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Extracting data through queries in SQL
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Cloud computing using Amazon Web Services.

Here you can find an institutional presentation of Ubiqum in case you want to further introduce the academy.

If you don’t know which company to contact, here are some websites that can inspire you:

Another approach is to look for companies offering jobs related to machine learning and data analytics:

Once you have a project confirmed, you can pick one mentor to guide you through the project, who will dedicate 1 hour and half per week exclusively to the project.  Make sure to fill this spreadsheet in order to formalize it.

Also, Ubiqum has projects available with partner companies. These are the companies that we have projects available:


Below is an example email that can be sent to companies:



I’m XXXXX and I had the opportunity to meet your company at the 4YFN congress. For the last two years I have worked as a senior advisor at XXXX and I am currently doing a Machine Learning and Data Analytics course (using R, Rapidminer and SQL) at Ubiqum Code Academy.

At this stage of the course, I have to decide on a final project, which should be based on a real case. In this sense, I am interested in making my final project with XXXXXX, which would be completely free and would count with the support of mentors with extensive experience in the sector. The project would last approximately one month in full-time dedication. Please let me know if you’re interested so that we can evaluate projects and see how I can contribute.

Additionally, please find attached my CV for your reference.

I look forward to your response!





Soy XXXXXX y tuve la oportunidad de conocer su empresa en el congreso 4YFN. Durante los últimos dos años he trabajado como senior advisor en XXXX y actualmente estoy haciendo un curso de Machine Learning y Data Analytics (usando el software R, Rapidminer y SQL) en Ubiqum Code Academy.

En esta etapa del curso, tengo que decidir sobre un proyecto final, el cual se debe basar en un caso real. En este sentido, estoy interesado en realizar mi proyecto final con XXXXX, el cual por supuesto sería totalmente gratuito y para el que contaría con el apoyo de mentores con dilatada experiencia en el sector. El proyecto duraría aproximadamente un mes en dedicación de tiempo completo. Asimismo, me gustaría quedar un día para tomar un café con vosotros para conocer más sobre vuestra empresa y valorar cómo puedo aportaros valor en el espectro de análisis de datos o machine learning.

Adicionalmente, adjunto mi CV para vuestra referencia.

Quedo a la espera de vuestra respuesta. Estaré encantado de responderos a cualquier duda.

Un saludo,



Have fun!



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