Get your AWS Student Account !

As a student in Ubiqum Code Academy, you can apply for a Student Account in AWS.

1- Click in this link here and send a request

2- You will receive an email saying they had received your request and that they would let you know

3- Got another email after a few minutes : “[…] Unfortunately, your application was not approved for the reason(s) listed below. […] attach a copy of the front and back of
your school ID for review […] at …

4- Send an email to : “I am currently enrolled in a 5-month full time course at Ubiqum Code Academy. I have put forward an application for a student account, but my requested was not approved. My school does not provide each student with an email address and we do not have a physical student ID card. Please find attached a signed copy of my contract. “

5- Attach the copy of your contract !

6- Receive an email and follow the steps.

7- Et voilà !

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