Grading and acceptance criteria

As you may know, grades are not very popular in our learning-by-doing methodology. Nevertheless, we have a minimum acceptance criteria for graduating and a special distinction for the best performers.

The requirements to receive your diploma are:

  • Attendance higher than 75% (checked at stand-up meetings)
  • Deliver all tasks above the minimum acceptance level. This level is defined by the mentors, and evaluated by the delivery, and whether it is properly produced in a professional manner.
  • Pass the technical interview. Before starting the final project, you will have a technical interview with a mentor from a different city to yours. If you perform poorly, you still have a chance to receive your certificate by presenting your final project or redoing the technical interview.

On the other hand, we like to promote the best performers. In each cohort, one student will gain the recognition of “best performance” in his / her diploma. This will come by 3 main evaluators: A hackathon in the middle of the course, a hackathon in the end of the course and the result of the technical interview. It is worth mentioning that this recognition is only valid if the student also meets all the requirements mentioned above.

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